Monday, October 1, 2012

Classic Claudia

Claudia Schiffer looks amazing, doesn't she?

Which bikini do you find most bodacious?
P.S.  Photos via Google Images.

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  1. I find the first bikini the most bodacious, but that might be due to Claudia Schiffer's look and pose.

    I seem to have a recollections of the media obsessing with Claudia Schiffer and Christie Brinkley and their both having been in Life Magazine - is that even possible? Has there been a time warp? How can they look so young while I look so old?

    On the subject of bikinis, I just did a new post Lingerie News: Lady Gaga, Football, PINK, Undie Awards but I left out any mention of news surrounding the Bikini Basketball League, Since bikinis are one of your bailiwicks I wondered whether you might be commenting on the "Basketball Bikinis" in the future?